Development Plans - March 2018

In 2017 Foyers Pier came under private ownership. Prior to this it was owned by SSE plc. Previously interest for ownership of the pier had been shown from various public bodies, but unfortunately none came forward to take on the enormous task of bringing the pier back to its former operational state. It is unfortunate that the pier has been continued to be used for many years with no inward investment at all, however our development plan is to change this so we can safeguard the pier for future users.


During 2017 we took the opportunity to find out what the expectations were, of not only the people that use the pier but also that of the overall usage.  We took the opportunity to gather feedback from both hire fleet vessels & private craft. However no payments were ever taken from any hire vessel that we permitted to berth at the pier during that time.


During that time we had over 70 hire vessels stop at the pier, as well as numerous private craft and commercial craft. It is clear that Foyers Pier is not only a desirable destination but also one of very few places to stop (weather permitting) on Loch Ness. It is also strategic to commercial operators and a gateway to Foyers itself.


We are also aware of what a key asset the Pier is in terms of providing a gateway opportunity to the village of Foyers, we also remain committed to the upgrade of the Pier and its facilities and we have decided to continue to open the Pier up to berthing of private craft during 2018.


Due to existing commitments for our own and visiting vessels we are asking all customers to make an on-line booking to secure their space. If they are unable to use this web based system we require a telephone call at least 12 hours before their intended stay.  We will be offering a 3 hour stay for a £10 fee. We feel that this is an adequate charge to enable income generation for Pier improvements and an appropriate period of time to allow visitors to spend time in Foyers.


We are relaying this information to hire fleets on the Caledonian Canal and all commercial operators and will issue flyers out at each end of the canal so that all visiting vessels also have the information to berth at Foyers.


In addition to our berthing facilities we are pleased to welcome The Glen Liah to Foyers Pier. The Glen Liah will operate a small boat tour operation including private charter and special tour packages from the Pier during Summer of 2018


We would really welcome your comments and feedback at this time and at any point in the future and we will keep you abreast of developments throughout the season.

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